Finance The ABCDE Of Home Ownership

Home ownership is often referred to as the American Dream, and for those, who purchase their home, with their eyes – wide – open, and take personal pride in ownership, and a willingness to protect their investment, wisely, it, may certainly be! However, since for most people, their house is their single, biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to do, whatever, possible, to protect, and take care of it? This article will briefly examine, what I refer to, as the ABCDE Of Home Ownership.1. Attention; approach: How will you approach owning and maintaining your house, in a way which best serves you, and the best interests of the home? Will you do so haphazardly, or, rather. create a set of priorities, and proceed, with a viable approach, to systematically, take care of it?

2. Best; building: What approach/ system will work best for you? How will you ensure your building is maintained properly, and preserved, in the best possible way? Will you create and implement a system, and a plan, to protect and preserve your home, in a focused way, in a proactive, preventative manner?3. Creative; clean; chart: Your plan must focus on what works best for you, and fits, both, into your schedule, and finances. Create a budget, and a plan of action, where you look at a little, at a time, rather than waiting, and risking major expenditures, due to neglect! Keep both the inside and outside of your home, clean and neat, free of debris! This includes power – washing areas, on a regular maintenance schedule, and paying attention, to small details, like cleaning filters, etc. Put it in writing, so you have a personal chart, to keep you, on schedule!4. Delve deeply: Don’t merely go through the motions, but, rather, delve deeply, into what seems to be the best, proactive approach, to ensure the minimum of maintenance – related issues!

5. Existing; exterior; excellence: Is the existing layout of your house, the best for your needs, or might you, change things up, rotate/ move furniture, and fixtures? Never neglect the exterior of the house, including inspecting concrete, patios, driveways, walkways, leaders and gutters, and overall grounds maintenance! Don’t do things half – way, and settle for good – enough, but do what’s best, by striving for excellence, in your personal plan of attack!Each of us have our own personal plan, but will yours serve your needs and capabilities, effectively and efficiently? This concept should evolve, into, your personal, ABCDE Of Home Ownership!